Corporate Vision
PISHON Biomedical Co., Ltd. is a company with the world's most advanced 3D cell culture scaffold research and development, production of patented technology and provided precision in-vitro medical one-stop service solutions, focused on precision medical science and technological company. Considering of the developmental view, included the current global and China's medical market development and technical resources, PISHON will focus on Taiwan as a foundation in the future, and go forward in China and prospect for the world.
2011  Completed the transfer of exclusive patented technology and established a production line and cell culture laboratory
2012  Launched 3D cell culture scaffold - CelluSponge
2013  Improved the surface of Cellusponge and supplied customized services
2014  Developed Bio-degradable plant-derived 3D cell culture scaffold
2015  Examined hepatic toxicity test in vitro, established primary cell culture, cancer cell lines and tumor 3D model and drug screening test
2016  Established drug screening platform in vitro for colorectal cancer, liver cancer and hepatitis B drug test model and signed a developmental plan with the hospitals
2017  Developed Patient Derived Organoid - Cancer Chemotherapy Sensitivity Test Services, Drug Screening service and Toxicological Test Contract Research Organization (CRO) Service.

Main products/ Service item

Cancer screening medication guidance and monitoring one-stop service

PISHON Biomedical Co., Ltd. has advanced 3D cell culture system, promoting revolutionary changes in the field of cell culture in vitro. In recent years, this technology is widely used in the areas of pre-clinical drug screening, drug development and the establishment of tumor model, ect. Since 2016, PISHON has been actively involved in the development of the OncoTreat® platform, established patient-derived tumor organoid culture, drug sensitivity test of chemotherapeutic drugs, and provided clinical medication reference data. Compared with PDX (Animal Drug Sensitive Platform), this platform will shorten the testing cycle from an average of 5 months to 14-21 working days, meanwhile, high-throughput test will save exam costs and reduce the burden of the patient's financial and mind condition

Drug screening and toxicological test - CRO service
New 3D drug screening platform technology in vitro can provide small molecule drug screening and toxicological tests.